Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6130 6MP Color Medical Diagnostic Radiology Monitor (K9602016)

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MFG. Product Number
Screen Setup
Single or pair
Screen Type
6MP (3280 x 2048)
Recommended For
CT, MR, US, DR, CR, NM, Film
Screen Technology
TFT AM Color LCD Dual Domain IPS­Pro
Active Screen Size (diagonal)
772 mm (30.4")
Active Screen Size (H x V)
654 x 409 mm (25.8 x 16.1")
Aspect Ratio (H:V)
Pixel Pitch
0.1995 mm
Color Imaging
Gray Imaging
Viewing Angle (H, V)
Backlight Censor
Ambient Light Censor
Auto (built-in front sensor)
Calibrated Luminance
500 cd/m²
Max. Luminance
800 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio
Video Input Signals
DVI­D Dual Link (2x)
Power Consumption
80.0 lb


Designed to enhance even further the productivity and flexibility in imaging diagnostics the Coronis® Fusion 6MP DL has a resourceful PACS display to this effect.

Improved comfort in your viewing
Coronis® Fusion 6MP DL provides you the liberty to organize your workspace. How? By having the first 30-inch color LCD that can be used as one wide-screen 6MPdisplay or as two unified 3MP heads.
With the Coronis® Fusion 6MP DL you can read side by side in one diagnostic screen the images of echo cardiogram, MR, cath, CT or any combination of these. Covering the needs for both color and grayscale imaging.
You can view everything perfectly from every angle
This model has the most modern In-Plane Switching (IPS-Pro) LCD technology. This is the latest and most updated LCD viewing on the market and its redefining, even from a wide viewing angle, the standards in brightens and contrast.
Available to be commercialized and distributed worldwide, the Coronis® Fusion 6MP DL has from the United States Food a Drug Administration a 510(k) clearance.

Included in this display system:
Are one or more colour flat panel displays of 6MegaPixels with MediCal QAWeb® software for automatic calibration and QA.
The system also includes a high performance and speed display controller. A 30-inch screen of 6MP res (3,280 x 2,048) diagonal seamless wide-screen desktop.
It includes an integrated sensor at the front of the screen with color, grayscale display and Diagnostic Luminance(Ultra bright display).
MediCal QAWeb® software included Integrated Ambient Light Compensation Anti-reflection protected front cover 30 bit Look Up Table
The front glass is anti-reflective protected.

Multi-modality PACS imaging.
You can read at the same time grayscale, color and fused modalities allowed by the Diagnostic Luminance system delivers a DICOM-calibrated luminance of 800 cd/m². You can now combine coronal views, for example, with smaller MIPS and volume rendered images in one same screen which simplifies your diagnostic decisions.

Precision in the diagnostic
Because of its clever backlight design, which diminishes non-uniformities produced but the LCD and the backlight to less than a 10%, the integrated ULT of Coronis® Fusion 6MP DL has an even brightness distribution in the entire screen surface of 30 inches. Thus, all images are DICOM standard in all screen’s positions.

Automatic QA
The one of kind I-Guard® sensor in combination with the most update version of MediCal QAWeb® guarantees fully automatic image QA without the need of human involvement. This software for Quality Assurance tracks, preserves and logs the viewing performance, makes quality assurance tasks automated, starts the calibration system in the display and it establishes a precise DICOM Look-Up Table calibration.

Augmented performance
The operation of the Coronis® Fusion 6MP DL display is managed by a specific controller created to perform with 30-bit color 3D PACS application. This has an outcome that this model is prepared for the most updated MR, 3D CT and PET applications combined with the usual 2D PACS reading.

What's Included

  • 1 x Refurbished Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCC-6130 6MP Color Medical Diagnostic Diagnostic Monitor (K9602016)
  • 2 x Barco® DVI cable
  • 1 x Barco® USB cable
  • 1 x Barco® QAWeb calibration and QA software
  • 1 x Barco® MXRT PCIe graphics card
  • All necessary cables and adapters
  • 3 Year warranty on parts and labor
  • A 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee