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Barco® Coronis MFGD-5621 HD 5MP Grayscale Digital Mammography Diagnostic Monitor (K9300500A)

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MFG. Product Number
Screen Setup
Screen Type
5MP (2560 x 2048)
Recommended For
Digital Mammography & General Radiology
Screen Technology
TFT AMLCD Dual Domain. IPS Grayscale, 3 subpixels per pixel
Active Screen Size (diagonal)
540.9 mm (21.3”)
Active Screen Size (H x V)
422.4 x 337.9 mm (16.6 x 13.3”)
Pixel Pitch
0.165 mm
Color Imaging
Gray Imaging
Viewing Angle (H, V)
170° (at 10:1 contrast)
Backlight Censor
Ambient Light Censor
Auto (built-in front sensor)
Calibrated Luminance
600 cd/m2 (175.13 fL)
Max. Luminance
800 cd/m2 (233.5 fL)
Contrast Ratio
900:1 without PPU 700:1 with PPU
Video Input Signals
2 x DVI (complying to VESA DVI)
40.0 lb


If you're looking for a high-quality stand-alone display with 5 Megapixels made precisely to be used in digital mammography applications, look no further. Barco®'s MFGD 5621 HD will meet your demanding standards.

This monitor has the latest advanced technologies and innovations such as Per Pixel Uniformity®(PPU), Defect Pixel Compensation®(DPC), and I-Guard® which make it the current optimal option in mammography imaging.

This model is part of Barco®'s Coronis® 5MP Mammo display system for digital mammography.

Integrated with I-Guard® and in constant compliance with DICOM: it includes the unique I-Guard® technology which ensures a reliable and assured diagnostic and the highest and most accurate image.

The I-Guard® sensor is front-mounted and compact and constantly calibrates and regulates the output of luminance at the diagnostic viewing zone at the front of the display. The Barco®'s I-Guard® sensor enables you to accurately reproduce what you are actually seeing which guarantees a constant quality of image and DICOM accuracy in all displays and throughout time.

Per Pixel Uniformity® (PPU) provides pixel excellence observation:
It provides the most detailed images which are vital when viewing mammography. Diagnostic information can be given from as minimum as a few percent of luminance variances on what the eye can observe. For this reason, to provide accurate and confident diagnostic you require the MFGD 5621 HD which has the Per Pixel Uniformity® (PPU) unique functionality.

This technology is proprietary of Barco® and it measures and calibrates the output of luminance at the pixel level. It also eliminates the screen noise and thus makes each individual pixel DICOM-compliant. PPU® technology differentiates from other flat fielding techniques for it works in real-time and transparently. And because of this PPU® functionality Barco®'s has, the MFGD 5621 HD is the first 5MP LCD display to comply with the center-to-corner luminance uniformity specified in DIN 6868-57.

Defect Pixel Compensation® (DPC) provides assurance in your diagnostic:
The Liquid Crystal displays have some pixels which are missing. These defect pixels, as they are known, may result in missing information which can be critical in a mammography image. To ensure that all information is there, and none is missing Barco®'s MFGD 5621 HD flat panel has Defect Pixel Compensation (DPC) technology. This can be used with Barco®’s Medical Pro software which is very user friendly and helps generate reports with this information.

Patent-pending, Barco®’s DPC Technology, will enable you to diagnose with assurance and accuracy.

What's Included    

  • 1 x Fully Refurbished Barco® Coronis MFGD-5621 HD 5MP Grayscale Digital Mammography Diagnostic Monitor (K9300500A)
  • 1 x Barco® DVI-D cable
  • 1 x Barco® USB cables
  • 1 x Barco® MediCal calibration and QA software
  • 1 x Barco® MXRT-5400 PCIe graphic card
  • All necessary cables and adapters
  • 3 x Year warranty on parts and labor
  • 30 Day money-back satisfaction guarantee


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