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VIDAR© Medical Film Digitizer Repair & Refurbish

VIDAR© Medical Film Digitizer

Our experienced engineers can repair and refurbish Vidar© medical films digitizers, including, but not limited to the DiagnosticPro Advantage©, DiagnosticPro Plus©, CAD PRO Advantage©, Dosimetry Pro Advantage©, Diagnostic Pro Edge and VXR-16. We provide a 48-hour turn-around on all digitizers that come in to be serviced. Digitizer services include a one year warranty on parts and service, regardless of scan count. 

Diagnostic Display Service

  • Every unit is cleaned both externally & internally (including electronic boards)
  • Camera lens and mirrors are cleaned
  • CCD lamp and LED kit is replaced with new LED Lightsource 
  • Motor belts are check for defects and replaced.
  • Both internal sets of rollers are replaced with brand new rollers
  • Internal power supply unit is replaced
  • Feeder tray roller is replaced
  • Feeder tray's suction fan is replaced
  • A full calibration is performed on the CCD camera
  • Electronic boards are replaced or repaired if needed

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