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Barco® Coronis MDCC-2121 2MP 21" Color Diagnostic Radiology Display Monitor (K9601655)

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Barco® Coronis MDCC-2121 2MP 21" Color Diagnostic Radiology Display Monitor (K9601655)

The Barco® Coronis MDCC-2121 is a versatile and highly effective display solution for diverse diagnostic applications that necessitate the use of color, such as ultrasound, 3D visualization, orthopedic imaging, cardiology, and nuclear medicine, and PET-CT fusion.

Flexible Design
The MDCC-2121's 2MP (1,600 x 1,200 pixels), 21-inch screen, offers a large viewing area with a viewing angle of 170°. The Barco® MDCC-2121 is available in a single- or multi-head configuration, with the perfect color matching between displays, and is usable in portrait and landscape orientation.

Excellent Color and Grayscale Accuracy
The advanced 10-bit architecture enables 1,024 shades of gray simultaneously out of a palette of 4,096 shades. Additionally, the Barco® MDCC-2121 boasts outstanding brightness and contrast levels and uniformity in brightness across the entire monitor screen thanks to uniform luminance technology. As a result of all these features, medical images can be reproduced more accurately on the screen, and subtle details pop without time-consuming image manipulation. An anti-reflective, protective front cover improves image contrast while preventing damage to the screen and making disinfecting easier and safer for the electronic components.

Hassle-free Compliance in All Lighting Conditions
Integrated MediCal QAWeb® software automates DICOM calibration and QA checks without any requirement for user intervention so that the Barco® MDCC-2121 produces top-quality imaging that meets the DICOM standard.

Barco®'s patented ambient lighting compensation (ALC) technology a built-in, front-of-screen sensor continuously detects changes in the surrounding lighting and automatically adjusts monitor brightness in real-time, in alignment with DICOM. The I-Guard® technology system further maintains compliance by correcting image quality, including color and grayscale values, in response to shifting light conditions around the workstation.

One-Stop-Shop Solution
Barco®'s medical displays come with proprietary display controllers compatible with all major PACS workstations and applications. They contain seamlessly integrated technologies and features that enhance performance and functionality.

With the proper adapter, the Barco® MDCC-2121 is compatible with any graphics card and both Windows and Mac. As a result, you won't have to worry about the monitor's compatibility with your workstation, laptop, or PC.

Features at a Glance

  • Excellent uniformity, brightness, and contrast paired with a 10-bit lookup table contribute to highly accurate color and grayscale renderings.

  • Uniform luminance technology produces one consistent level of brightness across the screen, from the center to corner, to eliminate any dim spots.

  • ALC technology adjusts monitor brightness in real-time to continually meet DICOM standards as lighting conditions around the workstation change

  • I-Guard technology adjusts color and grayscale values as ambient lighting shifts.

  • MediCal QAWeb software automates compliance and QA.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Barco®
MFG. Part#. K9601655
Screen Type Color
Resolution 2MP (1600 x 1200)
Pixel Pitch 0.2700 x 0.2700 mm
Contrast Ratio 1100:1
Aspect Ratio Hv 4:3
Calibrated Luminance 300 cd/m²
Max Luminance 700 cd/m2
Calibration Auto (built-in front sensor)
Backlight Sensor Yes
Front Sensor Yes
Ambient Light Sensor Yes
Backlight CCFL
Screen Technology TFT AM Color LCD Dual Domain IPS­Pro
Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 541 mm (21.3")
Active Screen Size (H x V) 432 x 324 mm (17.0 x 12.8")
Video Input Signals DVI
Viewing Angle (H, V) 178°, 178°
Mount Type VESA (100 mm)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 381 x 567 x 285 mm (15" x 22.32" x 11.22")
Power Consumption 54 W
Power Requirements 100–240 VAC, 1.5–0.6 A, 47-63 HZ
Weight 33.3 lbs (15.1 kg)

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