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Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 3MP 21" Color LED General Radiology PACS Display (K9602861)

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Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 3MP 21" Color LED General Radiology PACS Display (K9602861)

Renewed / Pair / W/O Protective Glass

Introducing the Barco® Nio MDNC-3421, the pinnacle of diagnostic radiology display monitors. Optimized for general radiology use, MDNC-3421 3MP color display offers unparalleled image quality for radiology cases such as X-ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, PET CT, and Nuclear Medicine. Engineered with proprietary Panasonic liquid crystal display, the MDNC-3421 produces crisp, high-definition DICOM-calibrated images unrivaled by any other display in the medical imaging market, making it a top choice among radiologists for accurate diagnosis and patient care.

The Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 stands at the forefront of monitor technology with its inbuilt front I-Guard sensor for automatic DICOM calibration and quality assurance. This ensures consistent and reliable image quality without needing constant manual recalibration, providing radiologists with precise, reliable imaging for enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Additionally, the MDNC-3421 offers both DVI and DisplayPort connectivity, making it versatile and compatible with all graphics cards and operating systems. MDNC-3421 utilizes the advanced Barco® DuraLight LED backlight technology, guaranteeing 40,000 hours of high bright 500cd/m2 DICOM calibrated luminance. This equates to over 15 years of continuous usage, offering a remarkable balance between performance and durability. This exceptional diagnostic radiology display monitor is a solid investment for any radiologist prioritizing accuracy, quality, and longevity.

DICOM Calibration with Barco®'s I-Guard Technology

The Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 display is highlighted by Barco®'s pioneering I-Guard technology. This notable feature integrates a front-of-screen photometer, constantly evaluating image quality and ensuring precise DICOM calibration. Integrated with Barco®'s MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard empowers radiologists with a holistic solution for effortless calibration management and quality assurance. The adaptive intelligence of I-Guard is tailored to the unique demands of radiology, making it an essential asset for professionals looking to boost diagnostic certainty and refine patient care.

Unleashing Precision: The Power of 30-Bit Color in Medical Imaging

Delivering absolute precision in medical imaging, the remarkable prowess of 30-bit color comes to light. It unlocks a spectrum of over one billion colors, presenting radiologists with detailed, nuanced images that were previously unattainable with the standard 24-bit color depth. This dramatic increase in color range greatly enhances the accuracy of diagnoses, helping to identify even the most subtle anomalies that could be easily overlooked otherwise.

The power of 30-bit color depth in medical imaging lies not just in its ability to provide richer, more vibrant images, but also in its potential to increase diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. This enhanced color depth reduces grayscale banding and brings out intricate details within images, making it easier for radiologists to detect abnormalities. From the delicate shades in a CT scan to the nuanced gradients in an MRI, the impact of 30-bit color is transformative. It propels medical imaging into a new era of clarity, precision, and reliability, fundamentally revolutionizing the realm of diagnostic medicine.

Uniform Luminance Technology

Addressing the critical challenges encountered by radiologists, Barco®'s Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT), a key feature of the MDNC-3421, emerges as a ground-breaking solution. Common LCD displays frequently suffer from irregular brightness in over a quarter of the screen area, leading to image disturbance and suboptimal quality. In contrast, Barco®'s ULT technology eradicates these inconsistencies in color and luminance, adhering strictly to DICOM GSDF standards across the full screen area. This advanced feature enhances the accuracy and uniformity of imaging, providing radiologists with the reliable tools they need for precise diagnostics.

Power Efficiency Meets Connectivity

Designed to optimize efficiency and versatility, the Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 is equipped with a wide range of I/O ports to facilitate seamless connectivity. It features both DisplayPort and DVI interfaces, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of systems and devices. This flexibility greatly enhances the user experience, allowing for effortless integration into various setups. Moreover, the MDNC-3421 is built with a USB hub, providing additional connectivity options for peripherals, and further contributing to its user-friendly design. But perhaps the crowning feature of MDNC-3421 is its highly efficient power supply. This cutting-edge component provides stable, noise-free 24V power to the monitor during operation, ensuring reliable performance and clear, disturbance-free imaging. During periods of sleep or standby, it seamlessly switches to a 5V hybrid efficiency mode, thereby saving energy while maintaining the monitor's readiness for quick wake-up, exemplifying the Barco® Nio MDNC-3421's commitment to performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Barco® Displays & MXRT: Unrivaled Diagnostic Precision

Boost your diagnostic potential with the synergistic pairing of the Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 and Barco® MXRT graphics card. This potent duo promises stellar image quality and top-notch performance, enhancing precision and efficiency in diagnostic radiology. The MXRT-5600, MXRT-6700, MXRT-7600, and MXRT-8700 graphics cards, specifically engineered to elevate Barco® diagnostic display's capabilities, ensure seamless compatibility and the apex of image quality in the medical imaging domain. By opting for the Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 and MXRT graphics card combination, you can truly immerse yourself in a diagnostic workflow marked by unparalleled clarity and precision.

Anti-Reflective Optical Glass Boosts Radiologist Clarity

Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 displays are available with an optional anti-reflective coated protective glass, a transformative addition that markedly amplifies performance and visual sharpness for radiologists. Leveraging cutting-edge coating technology, it significantly diminishes glare and reflections, thus facilitating an impeccably clear and accurate image viewing experience for medical professionals. This anti-reflective coating effectively curtails visual disturbances, empowering radiologists to concentrate on the critical subtleties of each image, thereby paving the way for enhanced diagnostic precision and ultimately, improved patient care. Embrace a new standard of image clarity with the Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 and its groundbreaking anti-reflective protective glass.

Barco® QAWeb Calibration & QA Software

In keeping with the superior standards of all Barco® medical display systems, the MDNC-3421 integrates the convenience of MediCal QAWeb. This versatile tool is available both as a standalone local workstation installation and a cloud-based subscription technology, providing automated calibration and Quality Assurance. This means that the MDNC-3421 display ensures maximum uptime without the necessity for manual intervention. Leveraging this innovative technology, you can enjoy seamless operation and consistently high-quality performance, ultimately fostering a more efficient and reliable workflow.

MDNC-3421: Light & sturdy

Exemplifying the perfect synergy of size, weight, functionality, and convenience, the Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 medical display monitor stands out in the realm of radiology displays. It measures 528mm (20.7 inches) in height, 378mm (14.8 inches) in width, and 235mm (9.2 inches) in depth per monitor, offering a generous viewing area for detailed radiological examinations. With a weight of 11.2kg (24.6 lbs) including the stand and 6.2kg (13.6 lbs) without it per monitor, the MDNC-3421 is a sturdy and durable display that assures longevity. Applicable in diverse settings, from hospitals to home offices, the Nio MDNC-3421 is an exceptional choice for radiologists seeking the ideal mix of size, performance, and image quality in a color general radiology display.


The SpotView feature on the Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 momentarily amplifies display brightness within a designated circular area, facilitating a more detailed inspection of intricate features. This dynamic tool fine-tunes contrast, and based on user preference, can magnify or invert pixels within the SpotView area. This function offers a significantly optimized viewing experience, allowing radiologists to discern even the most subtle nuances with greater clarity and precision.

Experience Ergonomic Flexibility with Solid Alloy Stand

The Barco® Nio MDNC-3421 display comes equipped with a highly adaptable stand, designed to enhance user comfort and convenience during monitor use. It features capabilities for tilt, swivel, and height adjustments, allowing you to easily tailor the display position to your preference. Furthermore, the stand includes a connector compartment cover specifically for cable management, thus ensuring a neat and orderly workspace. Enjoy an elevated level of comfort and ease-of-use with the intuitive design and flexibility of the Barco® MDNC-3421's adjustable stand.


The Barco® Nio MDNC-3421's DimView feature offers an intelligent solution for optimizing your viewing comfort during readings. It automatically dims secondary displays used for patient worklists or dictation, effectively reducing peripheral light and allowing your eyes to focus on the primary diagnostic screen. You have the freedom to choose which display(s) should dim automatically when the cursor is not active on them. DimView allows for individual dimming control of each display, or the synchronization of dimming for all auxiliary displays via DimView Link. This provides a tailored viewing experience that adjusts to your specific needs and preferences, promoting optimum viewing conditions and facilitating enhanced diagnostic precision.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Barco®
MFG. Part#. K9300340A, K9602861, K9602860
Screen Type Color
Resolution 3MP (2048 x 1536)
Pixel Pitch 0.2155 x 0.2155 mm
Contrast Ratio 1400:1
Aspect Ratio Hv 4:3
Calibrated Luminance 500 cd/m²
Max Luminance 900 cd/m²
Calibration Auto (built-in front sensor)
Backlight Sensor Yes
Front Sensor Yes
Ambient Light Sensor No
Backlight LED
Screen Technology IPS-TFT Color LCD
Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 540 mm (21.3")
Active Screen Size (H x V) 432 x 324 mm (17.0 x 12.8")
Video Input Signals DisplayPort
3D Tomosynthesis No
Viewing Angle (H, V) 178°, 178°
Mount Type VESA (100 mm)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 378 x 528 x 235 mm (14.8" x 20.7" x 9.2")
Power Consumption 50 W
Power Requirements 100-240 V
Weight 25 lbs (11.2 kg)


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