Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCG-10130 10MP 30" Greyscale Mammo 3D-DBT Breast Imaging Display (K9601618)

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Barco® Coronis Fusion MDCG-10130 10MP 30" Greyscale Mammo 3D-DBT Breast Imaging Display (K9601618)



You can expect filmless perfection from the Coronis® Fusion 10MP MDCG-10130 display system.

Grayscale images are ultra-precise. Barco®’s proprietary SmoothGray® technology ensures meticulous rendered grayscale curve and makes lesions and subtle details even more noticeable. The precision of grayscale is brought to a whole new superlative level with its contrast levels and high-brightness, flawless geometry, and really dark blacks.

Seamless 30-inch desktop:

You can now simply compare prior and current mammography images without the annoyance of a central bezel with the seamless 30-inch LCD screen. It permits you to review with outstanding diagnostic precision on a single screen 40 full-resolution MR, CT images, or X-ray images.

No concerns Quality Assurance:

The integrated I-Guard® sensor makes QA simple tasks, for it performs intervention-free DICOM calibrations, QA tests, and remote assessments of your display. A perfect solution for digital mammography, CT (up to 40 full-resolution images), MRI (breasts for example), CR/DR (pediatrics, orthopedics, chest, etc).

Ultra-smooth grayscale perfection:

Outstanding precision and enhances visibility in a grayscale of subtleties and details with Barco®’s proprietary technology SmoothGray® which generates a palette of grayscales which is ultra-smooth.

Diagnostic detail to the pinpoint:

Outstanding precision in the images and it delivers exceptional contrast and brightness thanks to the 10 MegaPixel LCD panel (4,096 x 2,560). Top class reading comfort provided by a flexible display of images with numerous modalities with the seamless 30-inch workspace.

Every angle has a perfect view:

Because of its advanced IPS WideView® LCD technology you have uncompromising quality in the diagnostic from any place in the reading room.

Worry-free DICOM compliance with I-guard® sensor and Medical QAWeb® provide centralized asset management, worry-free QA, and DICOM-quality images.

With second-generation Uniform Luminance® Technology, you are guaranteed uniform brightness across the whole screen. Coronis® Fusion 10MP supports speedy and trustworthy data transfers thanks to its DisplayPort® interface. It also has DVI connectors for a truly flexible plug and plays installation. With a commitment to a green future. Barco® is a commitment to building a greener future so this model is designed and constructed with distinct attention to the protection of our natural resources and environment.


What's Included

  • Graphics Card

  • Calibration Software

  • Accessories

Tech Specs

MFG. Product Number K9601618
Manufacturer Barco®
Weight 53.4 lbs (24.2 kg)
Screen Type Grayscale
Resolution Native 10MP (4096 x 2560) configurable to 2 x 5MP (2048 x 2560)
Screen Technology TFT AM LCD Dual Domain IPS
Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 29.6" (761 mm)
Pixel Pitch 0.1575 mm
Viewing Angle (H, V) 170°
Backlight Censor Yes
Calibration Auto (built-in front sensor)
Calibrated Luminance 500 cd/m² (panel typical)
Max Luminance 1250 cd/m² (panel typical)
Contrast Ratio 950:1 (panel typical)
Video Input Signals DVI-D Dual Link (2x) / DisplayPort (2x)


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