Barco® Coronis MDCG-5121 5MP Greyscale Mammo 3D-DBT Breast Imaging Display Monitor (K9601738)

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$7,500 $8,000
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Barco® Coronis MDCG-5121 5MP Greyscale Mammo 3D-DBT Breast Imaging Display Monitor (K9601738)

$7,500 $8,000
$7,500 $8,000


If looking for ultra-high res, contrast, and luminance and unmatched film-like images the top quality Coronis® 5MP display is your display of choice. It has perfect geometry, wide viewing angle, and matchless quality with no pixelation in its 21.3'' LCD. Perfectly achieved grayscale technology Barco®’s Coronis® 5MP is built with demonstrated technology that delivers the most accurate performance. The need for precise image pictures is guaranteed by the innovative 10-bit architecture which displays 1024 shade of gray out of the existing palette of 4096.

Translucent calibration and QA.

  • This model is bundled with MediCal QAWeb® which automatically calibrated and does quality assurance guaranteeing a constant level of quality and a time maximization of the workstation. This QA system executes automatically the quality assurance checks at the same time it permits you to continue diagnosing. The MediCal QAWeb® has an online web service that lets you manage the image quality in a secure and remote manner.
  • No concerns with DICOM compliance which works in all lighting conditions. The luminance of the output of the area where the diagnostic is viewed is continually adjusted and secured by the integrated I-Guard®. The combination of the patented I-Guard® with the MediCal QAWeb® software provides an easy and fast calibration, automatic QA testing, and display of the diagnoses in a remote manner. Under all lighting conditions, the Coronis® 5MP remains DICOM compliant for it adjusts the brightness of the ambient lighting conditions. This is all assured by the Ambient Light Compensation (ALC) system.
  • 5 MegaPixel resolution (2,048 x 2,560) 21.3-inch screen diagonal Grayscale display
  • MediCal QAWeb® software included Integrated Ambient Light Compensation Anti-reflection protected front cover 10 bit Look Up Table Usable in landscape and in portrait mode too.
  • Uniform Luminance technology.



  • It has one of the lowest costs of ownership.

  • Because of the integrated I-Guard® technology, it has continuous images that are in compliance with DICOM

  • High contrast luminance and ration for top class images in all environments

  • Constant QA with the online system

  • Accessible in multi-head Systems and also single

  • Ergonomic design with a protective glass

  • Real plug and play


What's Included 

  • Barco® MXRT Display Controller

  • Calibration Software

  • Accessories


    Tech Specs

    MFG. Product Number K9601738
    Manufacturer Barco®
    Weight 34 lbs (15.3 kg)
    Screen Type Grayscale
    Resolution 5MP (2560 x 2048)
    Screen Technology TFT AM LCD Dual Domain IPS
    Backlight CCFL
    Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 540.9 mm (21.3”)
    Pixel Pitch 0.1650 mm
    Viewing Angle (H, V) 170°
    Backlight Censor Yes
    Calibration Auto (built-in front sensor)
    Calibrated Luminance 500 cd/m²
    Max Luminance 1100 cd/m² (panel typical)
    Contrast Ratio 850:1 (typical)
    Video Input Signals DVI-I, DisplayPort


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