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Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133 12MP 33" Tomo Color LED Mammo 3D DBT PACS Display (K9301680A)

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Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133 12MP 33" Tomo Color LED Mammo 3D DBT PACS Display (K9301680A)

Discover Barco® Coronis Uniti: A Display Revolutionizing PACS and Breast Imaging Introducing the Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133 12MP 33" color Fusion Tomosynthesis, a display specifically engineered for both PACS and breast imaging, boasting remarkable features tailored to radiologists' needs. Experience exceptional calibrated color and grayscale representation, superior 2D and 3D capabilities, and support for both static and dynamic imaging. Embrace enhanced efficiency and diagnostic accuracy with the innovative Barco® Coronis UNITI display.

Ultimate Radiology Display

The Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133 12MP color fusion breast imaging diagnostic monitor is a display breakthrough that offers the first unified workflow, seamlessly integrating PACS and breast images on a single workstation. This new technology is streamlined and simplified, replacing all previous display configurations and eliminating the need for multi-head displays or moving to another workstation to view additional exams. As a result, radiologists benefit from faster reading sessions and increased productivity.

Moreover, Barco® 12MP UNITI is a PACS display that delivers the highest brightness and screen size available in any diagnostic radiology monitor. It's truly in a class of its own. This advanced display technology is designed to improve diagnostic accuracy and increase efficiency for radiologists and PACS display users. With the Barco® Coronis Uniti, you can expect faster and more accurate diagnoses, leading to better patient care outcomes. Experience the difference today and take your diagnostic radiology experience to the next level.

Less Stress on Your Eyes

Barco® Coronis Uniti 12MP MDMC-12133 is designed with ergonomics in mind, with size and aspect ratio mirroring the natural field of vision of humans to enhance your reading experience. This reduces the need for excessive head, neck, and eye movements, ultimately leading to radiolosit's increased reading comfort and more productivity.

Maximizing Profitability with a One-Time Investment

Thanks to its LED-backlit array technology, the Barco® UNITI offers up to 50,000 hours of compliant operation. That's the equivalent of running the display every day, 8 hours a day, for the next 15 years and still passing DICOM calibration and compliance tests. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your display is both reliable and long-lasting, without the need for frequent replacements.

Invest in the Barco® UNITI today and enjoy a reliable, versatile, and cost-effective display solution with stunning world class imaging quality.

Cutting-edge Medical Display For Accurate Diagnosis

Barco® Coronis Uniti MDMC-12133 is a cutting-edge medical display monitor that offers outstanding image quality with its 12 million+ pixels. The monitor boasts a large 33-inch screen size, making it ideal for viewing detailed medical images with precision and clarity. With a high resolution of 4200 x 2800 pixels, this display ensures that even the subtle details are displayed accurately. The advanced technology and precise calibration of 12MP Coronis UNITI enable breast radiologists to make accurate diagnoses faster and more confidently, knowing they are looking at the best quality image technology has ever produced. Coronis UNITI is a top-of-the-line solution for radiologists, pathologists, and other medical professionals who demand the best image quality and precision.

Greyscale & Color DICOM Calibration with Barco®'s I-Guard Technology

Barco®'s I-Guard technology, a key feature of the Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133 display, utilizes an integrated front-of-screen photometer to continuously assess image quality and maintain precise DICOM calibration. By offering seamless compatibility with Barco®'s MediCal QAWeb service, I-Guard provides radiologists with a comprehensive solution for quality assurance and effortless calibration management. I-Guard's intelligent monitoring capabilities adapt to the unique requirements of the radiology field, making it an indispensable tool for rads seeking to enhance diagnostic confidence and optimize patient care.

3D Tomosynthesis

The Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133 feature advanced 3D tomosynthesis capabilities, providing a more comprehensive and accurate view of breast tissue. This state-of-the-art technology allows radiologists to examine a series of high-resolution images from different angles, effectively creating a three-dimensional reconstruction of the breast. Unlike traditional 2D mammography, which can sometimes obscure or distort tissue detail due to overlapping layers, 3D tomosynthesis minimizes these issues by separating the breast into thin, distinct layers. This allows for more precise detection and diagnosis of abnormalities, including small cancers that may have been missed with 2D imaging.

Coupled with the high-resolution 12MP display and optimized image quality of the Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133, the 3D tomosynthesis capability offers a superior viewing experience. It empowers radiologists with greater diagnostic confidence, leading to earlier and more accurate detection of breast cancer, thereby facilitating improved patient outcomes.

Achieve DICOM Standard Compliance with Coronis Uniti Displays

Ensure consistent and stable colors and grayscales in compliance with the DICOM standard, utilizing the exceptional Coronis Uniti display. Experience perceptually linear color rendition, delivering unwavering color accuracy and remarkable grays, even at the smallest pixel level. Trust Coronis Uniti displays to maintain exceptional image quality throughout their entire lifespan, supporting radiologists in achieving precise and reliable diagnostics.

OpticalGlass™ Technology

As a radiologist, you understand the importance of having a high-quality monitor that provides accurate and clear images. The Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133 12MP is a cutting-edge display specifically designed to meet the needs of radiologists like you.
One of the standout features of Coronis UNITI is its use of OpticalGlass™ technology. This advanced glass technology is specially designed to reduce reflections, improve image sharpness, and increase viewing comfort. This means you can rely on Coronis UNITI to provide clear and accurate images, even in challenging lighting conditions.
Another advantage of the Barco® Coronis UNITI 12MP is its durability and scratch-resistant surface. This ensures that the monitor can withstand the wear and tear of daily use in a busy environment, providing you with long-lasting performance that you can rely on.
Overall, the Barco® Coronis Uniti MDMC-12133 is a powerful and reliable diagnostic radiology PACS display that can help you make accurate diagnoses and provide high-quality patient care.

Optimal Size, Weight, and Image Quality

The Barco® Coronis UNITI MDMC-12133 12MP medical display monitor is designed with the perfect balance of size and weight for maximum functionality and convenience. Standing at a height of 610mm (24 inches), UNITI boasts a width of 795mm (31.2 inches) and a depth of 300mm (11.7 inches), providing ample viewing space for radiologists. With a weight of 33kg (72.7 lbs), including the stand, and 23kg (50.7 lbs) without the stand, the Barco® Coronis Uniti MDMC-12133 is both sturdy and durable. Whether at the hospital or at home, Coronis UNITI is a top-of-the-line PACS display for radiologists seeking the perfect combination of size, capability, and image quality.


Radiologists can benefit from the Barco® SpotView feature, which enhances display brightness in a specific area, making it easier to detect subtle details in medical images. In addition to this, it dynamically optimizes contrast, ensuring maximum clarity and accuracy. Furthermore, the feature can optionally magnify or invert pixels within the selected region, providing radiologists with the flexibility to view images in a way that suits their needs. With the Barco® SpotView feature, radiologists can enhance their diagnostic capabilities and make more informed decisions about patient care.

Virtual View

VirtualView gives you more room on your screen without the need for an additional display. You can just create a virtual display to use as a navigational head or for other software, such as dictation. VirtualView has been carefully designed to work with existing PACS software applications. You can set the location of the virtual display, and when your cursor moves into that area, it will appear. The window can also be activated and hidden by a hotkey.

Application Appearance Manager

The Application Appearance Manager (AAM) offers a solution to the problem of high display luminance when using a diagnostic display for non-diagnostic applications such as viewing text documents or emails. In such situations, the display's high brightness can cause eye strain. With AAM, you can set specific application windows to a lower luminance or different color profile while retaining the full diagnostic luminance for applications requiring it. This feature allows for greater visual comfort and reduced eye strain while maintaining the necessary brightness level for diagnostic use. AAM provides a flexible solution that can be customized to the user's preferences, improving the overall usability and versatility of the diagnostic display.

Single View & Display Partitioner

Barco® Uniti Coronis offers advanced features such as SingleView and Display Partitioner. With SingleView, you can connect your dual input display and use it as a single desktop without any tearing down the center of the display. This eliminates the need for a separate monitor and results in a more flexible desktop where you can place images in the center of the screen without any risk of image corruption.

On the other hand, Display Partitioner allows you to split one input source into two halves on your screen. This can be particularly useful for multi-tasking or comparing different images side by side. Both SingleView and Display Partitioner are designed to enhance your workflow and improve productivity by giving you more control over your display.

Efficient Workflow Customization with User Profiles

Optimize Your Radiologist Profile with Customized Settings for Enhanced Imaging Workflow

As a radiologist, streamline your workflow by tailoring your user profile to match your preferred imaging settings. Effortlessly switch between personalized profiles for each modality and user, enhancing your diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. With custom user profiles, quickly adapt your workspace environment to suit various image types, such as adjusting lower luminance for X-ray images and increasing luminance for mammography images.

Experience a tailored radiology workstation even when using shared displays with colleagues by personalizing settings to match your unique preferences. Enhance your radiology practice by customizing and saving workflow tool configurations within your user profile, enabling seamless sharing with other systems.

Locate Your Cursor Instantly with FindCursor™

Introducing FindCursor™, the ingenious tool designed for radiologists to swiftly pinpoint cursor location by dimming all displays, leaving a bright yellow circle surrounding the cursor. Effortlessly locate your cursor and resume your diagnostic work without distractions by using a simple hotkey combination (Ctrl + Shift + F). FindCursor™ streamlines your radiology workflow and enhances productivity by minimizing time spent searching for cursor position across multiple displays.

Enhance Radiologist Focus with Innovative Display Dimming Technology

Discover DimView, the cutting-edge tool designed for radiologists that intelligently dims auxiliary displays during patient worklist management or dictation. By minimizing peripheral light, DimView allows your eyes to concentrate more effectively on the diagnostic display, promoting diagnostic accuracy and reducing eye strain.
With DimView's customizable options, select which display(s) should automatically dim when not used by the cursor. Utilize DimView to independently dim each display or synchronize the dimming process across all auxiliary displays with DimView Link, offering a tailored radiology workspace experience that enhances focus and productivity.

SmartCursor: Effortless Cursor Movement Across Varied Displays for Radiologists

Do you often face the frustrating issue of cursor trapping on the edges of differently-sized displays? SmartCursor™, developed by Barco®, offers an ideal solution to this problem. This practical feature eliminates cursor sticking on the edges of adjacent displays with varying sizes, ensuring seamless navigation.

To enable SmartCursor™, access the Barco® System Settings and select the SmartCursor™ option. With this feature activated, enjoy smooth cursor movement across all your radiology workstation displays, optimizing workflow and minimizing disruptions during critical diagnostic tasks.

Effortlessly Capture Ideal Radiology Images with Screenshot Functionality

As a radiologist, have you discovered the ideal image for an upcoming case review or meeting? Effortlessly capture and preserve it with a quick screenshot for future reference. Seamlessly integrate this feature with other intuitive radiology workflow tools like SpotView, ensuring comprehensive image acquisition. Share these captured images effortlessly with your colleagues, fostering enhanced collaboration and diagnostic accuracy in your radiology practice.

Seamlessly Compare Analog and Digital Images Side By Side Using FilmClip

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Share High-Quality Images with CloneView™

Introducing CloneViewTM, the tool that enables you to duplicate a high-resolution image on another screen or projector without any loss of pixel precision. With CloneViewTM, you can easily share your images with others and maintain the same level of quality and detail.

SoftGlow: Customizable Ambient Lighting for Enhanced Radiologist Comfort

Combat eye fatigue and enhance your radiology reading room experience with SoftGlow™, an adjustable ambiance lighting solution. The SoftGlow™ wall light provides ambient illumination behind the monitor, creating a comfortable working environment for radiologists. Additionally, the SoftGlow™ task light directs focused light onto papers and film folders, ensuring optimal visibility and comfort during essential tasks. Experience improved well-being and productivity with SoftGlow's tailored lighting approach for radiology professionals.

Enhanced Radiologist Visibility with Double Brightness on Barco® Coronis UNITI

Experience superior detail detection with I-Luminate, a feature that doubles the brightness of Barco® Coronis UNITI displays to over 2,000 nits for 30 seconds. This temporary brightness boost facilitates radiologists in spotting small details with ease. Effortlessly activate or deactivate I-Luminate using a single button or a keyboard combination, optimizing your diagnostic workflow and ensuring precision in image analysis.

Experience Comfort with Barco®'s Adaptable Monitor Stand for Coronis UNITI

Enhance your radiology workspace with the versatile stand designed for Barco® Coronis UNITI monitors. Enjoy optimal ergonomics with tilt, swivel, and height adjustment features, enabling comfortable and personalized monitor positioning. In addition, the UNITI's stand boasts a connector compartment cover to conceal cables, ensuring a neat and organized workspace for radiologists. You will elevate your work experience thanks to Barco® Coronis UNITI's user-friendly and adaptable stand.

Effortlessly transition between Clear Base mode and Blue Base Mode

Tailor your viewing experience with Barco®'s flexible display mode options, seamlessly switching between Blue Base and Clear Base modes. Opt for Blue Base mode to shift the white point to a higher color temperature, creating a blueish hue perfect for mammography images or maintaining alertness. Alternatively, select Clear Base mode for a more neutral white and gray calibration, ideal for a wide range of radiological images.
Take control of your image viewing preferences and enhance your diagnostic capabilities with these customizable display options designed for radiologists.

Take control of your image viewing preferences and enhance your diagnostic capabilities with these customizable display options designed for radiologists.

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