Barco® Nio MDNC-3121 HighBright 3MP 21'' Color Medical Diagnostic Radiology Monitor (K9603023)

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Barco® Nio MDNC-3121 HighBright 3MP 21'' Color Medical Diagnostic Radiology Monitor (K9603023)

$3,500 $3,699
$3,500 $3,699


If in the market for a standard 3MegaPixel high-bright color reading display system for diagnostic viewing check out the reliable Nio® color 3MP from Barco®.

This model provides a wide viewing angle with outstanding brightness and contrast and is a perfect display for both color and greyscale diagnostic reading. You can rest assured of trustworthy reading in full color with Barco® MDNC-3121.

Barco® Nio MDNC-3121 comes with reliable and demonstrated technologies.

An assured value in the long run at the incomparable product quality.

Barco® Nio MDNC-3121 HighBright 3MP color is a perfect solution for a great general radiology reading monitors as it can be used to read both color and greyscale studies.

Some of Barco® Nio 3121 are: 

  • Flawless matching of colors between displays. 

  • Matching quality image on all screens.

  • Individual auto-calibration to DICOM.

  • Worry-free deployment, top speed rendering of the images.

  • It complies with the Quality Assurance standards of the region. 

  • Ultimate productivity Uniformity correction 


The Barco® Nio® MDNC-3121 Color 3MP system has a flat panel display of 3MP and is bundled with MediCal QAWeb® software, Barco®'s trustworthy and dependable calibration and QA software as well as Barco® MXRT display controller which is top speed and high-performance. 


  • Excellent image quality on both greyscale and color

  • Outstanding brightness and contrast

  • BLOS® technology provides lasting luminance stability 

  • Flawless color matching between displays and precise rendering both in grayscale and in color

  • Top performance 3D rendering with the full support of 3D, OpenGL, and DirectX

  • Simple DICOM conformance.


What's Included

  • Graphics Card

  • Calibration Software

  • Accessories

Tech Specs

MFG. Product Number K9603023
Manufacturer Barco®
Weight 26.5 lbs (12 kg)
Screen Type Color
Resolution 3MP (2048 x 1536)
Screen Technology TFT AM Color LCD IPS
Backlight CCFL
Active Screen Size (DIAGONAL) 21.3'' (541 mm)
Pixel Pitch 0.2115 mm
Viewing Angle (H, V) 176°
Backlight Censor BLOS
Calibration Manual (external USB sensor)
Calibrated Luminance 400 cd/m²
Max Luminance 800 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 750:1
Video Input Signals DVI-D Dual Link


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