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HP Zbook Barco® Mobile Radiology PACS Workstation with MXRT-6700

Choose Your Option: 16G9-VTM6700-N
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HP Zbook Barco® Mobile Radiology PACS Workstation with MXRT-6700

Enhance your medical imaging experience with our meticulously crafted Radiology Bundle, designed to elevate your diagnostic precision and streamline your workflow. Comprising the HP ZBook Studio 16 G9 and the Barco® eGFX Home Read Station Enclosure with the powerful MXRT-6700 8GB graphics card, this bundle brings you unparalleled image quality, processing prowess, and flexibility – all tailored to meet the demanding needs of radiologists and healthcare professionals.

HP ZBook Studio 16 G9: The Imaging Powerhouse

Delve into UHD DICOM calibration with the HP ZBook Studio 16 G9, a workstation that redefines clarity and accuracy in medical scans. The 4K UHD screen breathes life into every pixel, allowing you to examine images with an unprecedented level of detail. With its Intel Core i7-12700H processor, 1TB NVMe SSD storage, and 64GB DDR5 4800MHz Memory RAM, you'll experience swift responsiveness and seamless multitasking. Windows 11 Pro ensures a familiar interface and enhanced security for your diagnostic environment.

Barco® eGFX Home Read Station Enclosure with MXRT-6700 8GB Graphics Card: Your Radiology Hub

Elevate your radiology setup with the Barco® eGFX Home Read Station Enclosure. This innovative external graphics card enclosure, combined with the advanced MXRT-6700 8GB graphics card, enhances your workstation's capabilities. Seamlessly integrate the eGFX enclosure into your workflow for improved performance and effortless remote monitoring. Trust in the consistent image quality ensured by QAWeb Enterprise.

HP Zbook 16 G9 Key Features:

  • Elite Performance: Intel i7-12700H @ 4.70GHz with 14 cores ensures top-tier multitasking and processing prowess.

  • Superior Memory: 64GB DDR5 ECC RAM Memory ensures error-free, fast, and efficient data processing.

  • Swift Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD provides lightning-fast data access and storage.

  • Latest OS: Comes with Windows 11 Pro 64-bit.


Comprehensive Support and Added Value from is dedicated to your success. Benefit from complimentary worldwide shipping and extensive IT support that guides you through the setup process. Our skilled technicians will assist you until your bundle is seamlessly integrated into your practice, allowing you to focus on accurate diagnostics.Unlock the potential of your radiology practice with the HP ZBook Studio 16 G9 and Barco® eGFX Home Read Station Enclosure Bundle. Elevate your imaging standards, streamline your workflow, and embark on a partnership that empowers your diagnostic journey. Discover excellence only with



Tech Specs

Manufacturer HP
MFG. Part#. 16G9-VTM6700-N
Processor Intel i7-12700H @ 4.70GHz | 14-Core
Memory 64GB DDR5
Storage 1TB NVMe SSD
Graphics MXRT-6700 8GB
Operating System Win11 Pro
Weight 3.81 lb (1.7 kg)

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