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HP Z4 G5 Workstation | Intel Xeon w5-2445 @ 4.60GHz | 10-Core | Up to 128GB ECC DDR5 | 1TB NVMe ZTurbo SSD | Win10-11 Pro

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HP Z4 G5 Workstation | Intel Xeon w5-2445 @ 4.60GHz | 10-Core | Up to 128GB ECC DDR5 | 1TB NVMe ZTurbo SSD | Win10-11 Pro

The HP Z4 G5 Workstation Desktop PC offers unmatched performance and adaptability, designed to tackle a wide range of tasks efficiently. With cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line components, this powerful workstation ensures smooth operation across various professional applications. Experience accelerated workflows and the ability to handle complex tasks effortlessly, empowering you to focus on your critical work. The expandable nature of the HP Z4 G5 allows for flexibility as your needs evolve. Whether it's upgrading hardware or adding additional storage, this workstation adapts to changing requirements, ensuring long-term productivity and efficiency. Invest in the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Desktop PC and unleash the true potential of your practice. Experience unparalleled performance and workflow acceleration, allowing you to excel in your field. Trust in the power and reliability of the HP Z4 G5 to enhance your workflows and take your productivity to new heights.

Unrivaled Performance for Your Professional Needs

Experience the ultimate in performance with the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Desktop PC. Equipped with high-end professional GPUs, a next-gen Intel Xeon W processor boasting up to 24 cores, and 128GB of memory, this workstation delivers unrivaled power for your most demanding tasks. Accelerate rendering, simulations, and advanced dataset analysis without compromising on a peaceful working environment.

Embrace the harmony of whisper-quiet operation while you unleash the full potential of the HP Z4 G5. Elevate your productivity with this powerful workstation, tailor-made for professionals like you. Experience the perfect blend of power and tranquility for your professional endeavors without any disruptions.

Upgrade, Expand, and Evolve with the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Desktop PC

Enhance your workflow capabilities with the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Desktop PC, a powerhouse designed to meet the needs of professionals in various fields. Whether you're working in engineering, visualization, or Machine Learning, this workstation offers seamless expansion options to accommodate your evolving requirements.

With support for up to two high-end GPUs, a massive 128GB of memory, 1TB of storage, two front accessible NVMe bays, and five PCIe 5.0 slots (compatible with PCIe 4.0), the HP Z4 G5 workstation provides the flexibility and power needed for demanding tasks in your industry.

Enjoy the convenience of an easily accessible, tool-less design that allows for effortless upgrades and modifications. The HP Z4 G5 empowers you to expand your system without any hassle, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance at all times.

Upgrade your professional practice with the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Desktop PC and unlock a world of possibilities. Seamlessly expand your capabilities, effortlessly evolve your system, and tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease. Trust in the reliability and performance of the HP Z4 G5 to optimize your workflows and drive success in your chosen field.

Unleash Unthrottled Performance with Innovative Thermal Technology:

Discover exceptional performance without any limitations on the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Tower PC. Innovative thermal technology keeps the processor and graphics card consistently cool, enabling them to operate at maximum performance without any throttling. This ensures uninterrupted power and speed, allowing you to tackle demanding tasks with ease.

Upgrade to the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Tower PC and unlock the full potential of your work. Enjoy unthrottled performance that lets you push boundaries and achieve remarkable results in your field. Elevate your productivity and efficiency with the reliability and power of the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Tower PC.

3D Vapor Chamber Cooling

To efficiently cool the processor and deliver low acoustic levels even at full performance, the vapor chamber contains a small amount of liquid and is precisely tuned for the system’s power dissipation and temperature requirements. Sensors and proprietary algorithms optimize fans and vapor cooling—a more reliable method than traditional liquid cooling’s use of pumps, tubing, and heat exchanges.

Available in Premium CPU Cooler.

Empower Your Workflow with HP Z4 G5 - Thunderbolt™ 4 Technology.

Unlock lightning-fast data transfers and elevate your productivity with Thunderbolt™ 4 technology from the HP Z4 G5 workstation. Seamlessly transfer large files with two optional USB3.2 SuperSpeed Type-C connectors, boasting impressive transfer rates of up to 20Gbps.

Experience smooth and reliable communication between devices with two ports of 10 GbE network connection, promoting enhanced collaboration and productivity. Embrace cutting-edge connectivity solutions and achieve a new level of speed and performance in your professional endeavors with the HP Z4 G5. Empower your workflow and stay ahead with advanced technology at your fingertips.

Professional Grade Graphics

Experience the power of high-performance GPU solutions with HP Z4 G5, featuring up to two NVIDIA RTX A6000 or AMD Radeon Pro W6800 GPUs. Elevate your imaging capabilities, accelerate rendering, and achieve unparalleled efficiency in handling complex data. Stay at the forefront with these top-of-the-line GPUs, purpose-built for professionals seeking exceptional performance and productivity.

Seamless workflows and advanced visualization ensure you can deliver outstanding outcomes in your field. Upgrade your practice with our optimized GPU solutions and unlock the true potential of your work today.

Unleash Ultimate Performance with HP Z4 G5 - Experience Lightning-Fast Memory Configurations

Discover the true potential of your work with the HP Z4 G5 workstation, equipped with cutting-edge ultra-fast memory configurations designed to revolutionize your productivity. Embrace unparalleled performance in rendering, simulations, machine learning, and other memory-intensive tasks, thanks to up to 128GB of DDR5 ECC memory.

Accelerate your processing power, handle complex data with ease, and achieve faster results, empowering you to stay ahead in your field. Crafted to meet the demands of high-performance tasks, the HP Z4 G5 ensures you can deliver exceptional outcomes with every project.

Optimize your workflow, unlock ultimate performance, and take on new challenges confidently with the advanced memory configurations of HP Z4 G5. Upgrade your workstation and elevate your productivity to new heights.

Enhanced Performance with Whisper-Quiet Operation

Experience maximum PC performance without disruptive noise with the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Tower PC. Featuring smart fan control, this workstation keeps the system whisper-quiet by adjusting fan speeds in real-time using over 20 temperature sensors. With precisely placed vents and ducts, airflow and heat removal are optimized for efficient cooling.

Upgrade to the HP Z4 G5 Workstation Tower PC and enjoy exceptional performance without compromising on a peaceful working environment. Experience the power and silence you need for your professional needs.

Optional Wi-Fi 6E Adapter

Untether your device from network cables and enjoy the flexibility to work from almost anywhere with optional Wi-Fi 6E without taking up a PCIe slot.

HP Anywhere

Access the power of your Z from any device with HP Anyware, which is remote access software that delivers fast responsiveness and image quality, even in film editing and data visualizations.

Ports & Slots

1. Aluminum handle
2. Front I/O:
- Premium (shown): 2 x USB 3 Type-A (5 Gbps signaling rate) (1 Charging), 2 x USB 3 Type-C (20 Gbps signaling rate)
- Standard (not shown): 4 x USB 3 Type-A (5 Gbps signaling rate) (1 charging),
3. 1 x Media Card Reader (optional)
4. Power button
5. Combo audio jack
6. Optional 5.25" CRU carriers: 2x 3.5" HDD (one per bay) or 2x M.2
7. Drive bay lock (optional)
8. Rear handle
9. Power connection
10. Power button
11. Audio line
12. Flex I/O module (optional)
13. 1 x 1GbE Ethernet standard ports
14. 6 USB 3.1 Gen1 (5Gbs) Type-A connectors

Tech Specs

Manufacturer HP
MFG. Part#. 7X9D0UT#ABA
Processor Intel Xeon w5-2445 @ 4.60GHz | 10-Core
Memory Up to 128GB ECC DDR5
Storage 1TB NVMe ZTurbo SSD
Operating System Win10-11 Pro
Weight 27.8 lbs (12.6 kg)


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